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As Viagens de Gulliver

Editorial Design of a paperback book. For the realization of this project was proposed conducting a paperback book. For its realization, has been given a list of a number of books. my choice was "Gulliver's Travels, Jonathan Swift, 1726." after reading it, I began to see more books in order to have a little notion that size would have my pocketbook. after this research, I started thinking inside. then I focused on the cover. So, I had to concentrate on to make history. in this particular case was that the character Gulliver, suffering a shipwreck and find themselves on an island where the inhabitants were small. With this, I thought what better way to characterize the difference in sizes. I did a piece that somehow occupies much of the book to give an intention to greatness.

Class - Project II

Teacher - João Faria

Designer - Sérgio Mengas

This project was developed