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Structuring for

the branding of a film

This proposal was instilled me watching a movie my choice. my choice was "The Godfather," and had to do a publication with a sequence of images with text from the film. after the prints, I had to find a design object, the epoch in which the story of the movie goes. I drew the poster "anatomy of a murder" saul bass. selected also an important line in the film and did a "crossover" on the poster. then I had to describe the film in one word. "Bussines" was the word I chose. after that, I had to build an alphabetic array through collage of characters can be used. And assembling a useful format a5 notebook where you rehearse a possible sequence of the main credits of the film composed with this font.

Class - Project II

Teacher - João Faria

Designer - Sérgio Mengas

This project was developed